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Lunch menu

Terrace A La Carte Menu - Summer

Garlic, Herb & Cheese Baguette                                                                                                                   6.00

Mission House Loaf, Hummus, Dukkah & Village Press Frantoio Olive Oil & Balsamic                                     8.50

House Spiced Nuts & Olives                                                                                                                        5.00


To Begin

Crayfish Bisque, Fromage Blanc Tortellini, Sundried Tomatoes & Olive Powder                                              17.00

Twice Baked Grano Padano Soufflé, Telegraph Hill Olives, Tomato & Basil                                                    19.00

Pork & Pistachio “Farm House” Terrine, Cornichons, Dijon Mustard, Pickled Vegetables, Brioche                     21.00

Prosciutto, Melon & Rocket Salad, Tomato & Mint                                                                                       18.50

Steamed Green-Lipped Mussels, White Wine, Garlic, Cream & Croutons                                                       22.00

Pan fried Calamari, Local Crab Spring Roll, Bok Choy, Sesame & Soy                                                           21.00

Main Event

Seared Salmon, Cauliflower Cream, Toasted Almond Oil, Mango Chilli Butter, Almonds                                   34.50

Fresh Crispy Beer Battered Fish, Fries, Seasonal Salad, Tartare Sauce                                                         28.00

Confit Duck Pappardelle, Vanilla Tomatoes, Mizuna & Shaved Parmesan                                                       34.00

Rosemary Cured Hawkes Bay Beef Fillet, Roasted Onion Soubise, Crisp Polenta,

Vine Tomatoes, Port Wine Glaze                                                                                                                38.00

Seared Freedom Farm Pork Belly, Fried Haloumi, White Bean Hummus, Artichoke, Strawberry & Mint            36.50

Seared Hawkes Bay Lamb Rump, Stuffed Lamb Neck Pancake, Harissa Purée, Pine Nut Tomato Salsa          35.50

Lemon Gnocchi, Nut Rolled Goat Cheese, Shaved Apple & Fennel Salad, Chipotle Capsicum Ragout              31.00


On the Side

Duck Fat Potatoes, Garlic & Parsley                                                                                                            9.00

Mixed Greek Salad, Feta, Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Soused Onion & Oregano                                              8.50

Steamed Market Vegetables, Herbed Butter                                                                                                  7.50

Shoestring Fries, Confit Garlic Aioli                                                                                                              7.50

To Indulge

New Zealand Ice Cream Trio, Crispy Wafers, Fresh Fruit                                                                               15.00

Chilled Vanilla & Rhubarb Rice Pudding, Crushed Amaretti, Beurre Noisette Mascarpone, Rhubarb Sorbet,               Lemon Curd                                                                                                                                              15.50

Coconut Milk Panna Cotta, Chocolate Banana Crepe, Salted Caramel                                                           15.50

Lemongrass Creme Brûlée, Lime Sorbet, Vanilla Meringue                                                                            15.50

Frozen Mixed Nut Nougat, Three Nut Biscuit, Fresh Fruit, Praline                                                                  15.50

Mission Tiramisu - Italian Sponge, Brandy, Espresso, Mascarpone, Chocolate Ganache,Espresso Anglaise     15.50

Dark Chocolate Parcel - Rich Dark Chocolate Shell, Frozen Pistachio Mousse, White Chocolate                            & Raspberry Ice Cream                                                                                                                              15.50


Accompanied by Damson Plum Paste, Spiced Mission Figlets, Crackers & Lavosh

Selection of any three of the cheeses                                                                                                         32.00
Single serve of any one cheese                                                                                                                  15.50

‘Taleggio' (Italy) – a semi-soft, whole cow's milk, washed-rind cheese from northern Italy, characteristically aromatic yet mild in flavour and features tangy, meaty notes with a fruity finish.

‘Brie de Meaux' (France) – a rich taste underlined by sweet and buttery flavours of mushrooms or truffles and almonds

‘Hohepa' Aged Tasty Danbo (Hawke's Bay) - a hard cheese cow's milk cheese in the style of Danish Danbo. Aged for 10 months or more, this is the the signature cheese of Hohepa - Cuisine Cheese Awards Gold & Champion of Champions

‘Hohepa' Fenugreek (Hawke's Bay) – a hard cheese cow's milk cheese in the style of Danish Danbo flavoured with Fenugreek seed, a nutty caramel flavour - Cuisine Cheese Awards Silver

‘Kapiti Kikorangi' Creamy Blue (Hawke's Bay) - Smooth and creamy with a delicate blue veining, this versatile cheese has a fine texture and a milk, savoury flavour


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