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Mission leads New Zealand in traditional, sustainable, and precision viticulture.

Our viticulturist is Steve Wheeler, and his focus is to manage the company vineyards to produce ultra-premium fruit in a sustainable manner, using innovative production and management systems.

Sustainable winegrowing is an environmental management system used to ensure the protection of our land, our environment, our people and our nation. It is Mission Estate's belief that we need to be protecting and managing our vineyards and environment in a sustainable way to ensure longevity of consistent premium fruit production. In addition, all of our contract growers need to be managing their sites sustainably to supply Mission Estate.

Precision Viticulture is a measurement tool that identifies the variation in the vineyards (soil and vine growth) using different sensors that are linked to GPS. This enables Steve to produce maps of our vineyards that highlight areas of significant difference. These differences impact on fruit attributes such as ripeness, yield and overall quality. As a result, this makes it possible to selectively harvest areas of the vineyard so that each parcel ripens to the targeted requirement. In simple terms, precision viticulture optimises a vineyard's performance and produces better quality wine.

Steve uses Precision Viticulture on all of our Gimblett Gravels sites that are the fruit source for the Jewelstone and Reserve ranges. 

Mission Estate owns three vineyard sites within Hawke's Bay, each of which has its unique characteristics that are suited to different grape varieties and resulting wine styles. These include;

  1. Greenmeadows (Taradale)
  2. Mere Road (Gimblett Gravels)
  3. Gimblett Road (Gimblett Gravels)

Mission Estate has also recently purchased a 100 hectare vineyard in the Marlborough region:

  1. Awatere Valley, Marlborough

Grapes are also sourced from contract growers who own and manage vineyards throughout Hawke's Bay. These include;

  1. Ohiti Road
  2. Moteo Pa
  3. Middle Road
  4. Ngatarawa Triangle

Click on the links to learn more about our vineyards. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact our viticulturist Steve