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Sustainability Research

In the past four years, Mission Estate has completed a comprehensive research project into minimising energy use. Areas of research have included solar water heating, wind power generation, solar panels, energy efficient lighting, flotation technology to reduce refrigeration loads, heat transfer technologies to reduce refrigeration loads, heat recovery from refrigeration compressors for water heating, improvement in compressor efficiency, electricity generation from grape waste using biogas technology and minimising use of carbon dioxide derived from the petrochemical industry.

Fruit of this research has resulted in Mission Estate investing in the following to reduce energy use:

  • Flotation technology
  • Better, more energy efficient lighting
  • Heat transfer technology
  • Nitrogen generation technology

The reward of this investment has been a reduction in energy use over the past three years (as of 2012).  This is benchmarked against wine production in litres over the past 10 years:

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