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Sustainability Map

Mission Estate Winery is committed to sustainability through our environmental management and sustainable programs. Inputs and outputs are constantly measured, as well as the effects these have on the environment. Our environmental program is managed to guarantee sustainability from the vineyard and winery, through to the bottle.

Have a look through our Sustainability Map below for just some of our environmental considerations, projects and successes.


1Restaurant Organic Herb Garden

The Mission Restaurant has an organic herb garden used for inclusions in meals and garnishing at the restaurant. This allows us to use the freshest herbs and reduces our footprint by not purchasing herbs from other parts of New Zealand.



Mission is highly regarded for the management of its people. The Company is noted for its professionalism, recruitment, remuneration strategies and annual reviews. The Company provides an equal opportunity and safe harmonious environment where staff members can realise their full potential.



The Company has been a long time participant in the forest industry with 128 hectares being planted at Greenmeadows. For the last nine years, this has been Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified…
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Enhancing numbers of natural predators to control pest and disease is encouraged through the planting of flowering plant species such as Phacelia, Buckwheat and Allysum…
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5Sustainable Pest & Disease Control

We have been members of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand since the programme's inception in 1995. This includes all company owned vineyards and contract growers…
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6Sustainability Research

In the past four years, Mission Estate has completed a comprehensive research project into minimising energy use. Areas of research have included solar water heating, wind power generation, solar panels, energy efficient lighting, flotation technology to reduce refrigeration loads, heat transfer technologies to reduce refrigeration loads and more…
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7Water Use

Mission has steadily worked to lower our water use. This has been driven by our environmental management policy: Our goal has been to reduce our water use to below two cubic metres of water for every tonne of grapes crushed. The industry average has in the past been over five cubic metres. In 2011 we finally achieved our goal…
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8Energy Use

In 2005 Mission built a new environmentally friendly winery. It is fully insulated and the refrigeration system was designed to minimise energy use. As a result, only a little over a third of our electricity use is used for refrigeration; the industry norm is for one half to two thirds use in refrigeration…
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We have been converting some of our company vineyards into organic production. As we have been doing this, we have been involved in the first organic comparison trial where organic and conventional growing methods have been compared over the past three years…
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10Use of Animals

We use sheep in a number of our vineyards to perform tasks such as mowing and leaf plucking. Mowing is when sheep are introduced to eat grass and weeds in the vineyard at certain times of the year. This is usually from May through to the end of August…
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11Estate Farming

Mission Estate farms the land around the winery. We are noted for our responsible farming, particularly in the proximity to its close, high density urban areas where significant reverse sensitivity issues exist.


12Indicator Grafting Trial

Leaf roll virus is a virus in grape vines that causes loss of yield, poor flavour and colour development which inhibit quality wine production. The virus is spread by mealy bug and there is no cure for this disease. In red varieties the leaf of the vine will turn red once infected…
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13Precision Viticulture

Precision viticulture was introduced to Mission Estate in 2006. We were the first winery in New Zealand to commercially use sensors, linked to GPS units, which measure variations in the soil and grapevine quality across the vineyards…
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Mission Estate is a member of both New Zealand Winegrowers and Hawke's Bay Winegrowers and has also been a significant contributor to the founding and on-going development of the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowers' Association…
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