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Energy Use

In 2005 Mission built a new environmentally friendly winery. It is fully insulated and the refrigeration system was designed to minimise energy use. As a result, only a little over a third of our electricity use is used for refrigeration; the industry norm is for one half to two thirds use in refrigeration.

Currently Mission uses just over 0.1 kWh of electricity per litre of wine produced (the industry average is around 0.5 kWh).

In 2012 Mission Estate Winery crushed 1600 tonnes of grapes yet used only the electricity the average 300 tonne winery would use.

Mission Estate Winery uses negligible fossil fuel: only a little LPG to run a forklift.

This makes Mission Estate's Greenmeadows winery the most energy efficient winery in the industry. Because electricity is generated from 70% renewables, we have an extremely small carbon footprint.

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